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Cal-Royal Barrington

Knob Functions:

Keyed Double Cylinder  (BA-02 Storelock)                   - Both knobs are keyed.  Key from either side will lock or unlock both sides

Keyed Double Cylinder (BA-04 Communicating Lock) - Both knobs are keyed.  This function has a unique feature
                                                                                        allowing you to rotate the key in either side 360 degrees
                                                                                        keeping the lock side of your choice in the locked or unlocked
                                                                                        position if needed.
                                                                                        Turning the key in either knob locks or unlocks its own knob independently.

Keyed Double Cylinder (BA-09 Institution Lock)          - Both knobs are keyed and always fixed and locked.
                                                                                        Key is inserted to retract latch for entry or exit.
                                                                                        When the key is removed it returns to the locked position.
                                                                                        You MUST have a key to get in or out.

Please Note: This product needs to be installed by a qualified locksmith.

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