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Kwikset Delta

Lever Functions:

Passage (Hall / Closet | 200) - Both levers are always free (non-locking function).

Privacy (Bed / Bath | 300) - Both levers are locked or unlocked by emergency key on outside or turnbutton inside.

Entry (Front / Back | 405) - Both Levers are locked or unlocked by key outside or turn button on the inside.
                                            Smart Key (SMT) - Smart Key Cylinder with Bumpguard.
                                            Pin and Tumbler (P & T) - 5 Pin Traditional Pin and Tumbler Key System.

Half Dummy (488) - Single lever with no operation.

Storeroom (462) - Outside door entry is always locked unless opened with a key.
                              When key is removed the lock returns to locked position.
                              Inside the door will open freely at all times to allow exiting and locks upon closing.

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