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Kwikset / Smart Key / Steel Learn Tool / 83282

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Smart Key Learn Tool

The Kwikset Smart Key Learn Tool is designed to work with all Smart Key Locks.  This tool allows you to put the cylinder back in the learn mode so you can then reprogram to any Kwikset key.    This is a factory orginal learn tool.

MANUFACTURER:                       Kwikset Corporation

CATEGORY:                                  Parts and Accessories

SUB CATEGORY:                         Smart Key Parts and Accessories

COMPATABILITY:                        All Smart Key Products

FUNCTION:                                    Put Smart Key Cylinder back in learn mode

QUANTITY:                                   1

AVAILABLE FINISHES:                N/A


SHIPPING WEIGHT:                     .02 lbs

Helpful Hint:
      This learn tool is designed for Smart Key Cylinders.  You can easily identify a Smart Key Cylinder by following these steps:
    • Look at the exterior side of the key lock (side key goes in to lock and unlock)
    • Look at the cylinder plug (part where you insert the key).  If there is a 1/8" hole to the bottom left of this cylinder plug, you do have a Smart Key Cylinder.

      Please contact us with any questions @ 1-866-755-LOCK (5625).


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